Our Celtic Connections 2018 Wishlist

With only two sleeps to go until the the launch of Celtic Connections 2018 I've thrown together a wee list of International acts that I would love to see bopping around Glasgow next January!


How likely is it? Hella Likely! With Influences from Gaelic and Nordic folk music that is blended with other jazz and rock vibes this self described prog-trad group of instrumentalists scream Celtic Connections! I've been dying for the chance to see these folks Live for a while now and hopefully come January I'll get the chance, AND with a new album coming out just last month I reckon they'll be rocking out to Glasgow crowds v soon.



How likely is it? I'm gonna go with pretty damn likely!! Firm festival favourites Beoga have been coming to Celtic for years. The only thing that could get in the way - they were here this year for an incredible double bill show with Breabach. How likely is it that they bring out Ed Sheeran... well.



How likely is it? Another one that I reckon is pretty damn likely. I've had 'Rove' constantly on repeat sine it was released earlier this year. Can you imagine how wild the Celtic crowds would go for this lot?



How likely is it? Yup, you guessed it. Pretty damn likely! With Ireland being the collaborative nation for the 2018 festival I can see there being a huge number of emerging acts from Ireland's Traditional Music Scene making the short trip over the water. We're pretty excited to see what these lads can bring to the party.


Jenna Moynihan & Máiri Chaimbeul

How likely is it? Unfortunately, this is one that I just don't see happening (extremely grumpy sad face). As much as I have ranted and raved about the new album from these two I can't see them making the trip over from the states so soon after playing in the UK. Make sure you catch them at the Scots Fiddle Festival in November. But, if Laura Cortese and her Dance Cards make it across as well as Máiri's other project

Aerialists then you never know. Fingers and toes crossed!


Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

How likely is it? Well... this is another band that I'd be really excited to see in January - if they make it! The main obstacle getting in the way of that happening is that they have just finished a UK tour. Nevertheless, it's Celtic Connections and the crowds of Glasgow would flock to any venue to find these gals doing their thing.


Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

How likely is it? I'd like to think it's pretty damn likely. I unfortunately missed both of the shows that this incredible band were involved in last year. LL&TF re-appeared into my music collection rather recently with many thanks going to Spotify's Album Radio. So, if we could just make this happen it'd be great. Ta!


Ten Strings & A Goat Skin

How likely is it? Hella Likely! Ten strings & A Goat Skin rocked the Fruitmarket last year when they opened for Irish supergroup Dervish. I was actually upstairs in the City Halls where you could hear them in-between the sets of the gig I was working at. If you’ve seen ‘that video’ from Shetland Folk Festival you’ll know exactly why I’d love to see this band at Celtic 2018. Also, can we just take a second to appreciate this photo?


The East Pointers

How likely is it? Hmm...well it’s been two years since these boys were part of a mammoth show with Aoife O’Donovan and Rura at the Fruitmarket in 2016. So I reckon they are well due a return to the festival. However, a few things could get in the way of that. They are currently on tour in England and Wales and they are touring Australia in January. However, we’ve noticed a few gaps that could allow for a round the world trip to party in Glasgow.


The Mae Trio

How likely is is? Pretty likely (we hope)! This brilliant trio have been making waves on the world folk scene for years so I reckon they are a dead certainty to be playing at Celtic Connections. If they get the vote of the crowds at Blazin' in Beualy then they are bound to have unearthed scores of new fans!


We Banjo 3

How likely is it? We almost guarantee that these boys will be coming to Glasgow in January 2018. Like i said earlier, with Ireland being the collaborative nation for this coming festival there will be a lot of big bands making the journey across the water. Make sure to keep an eye out for these boys because tickets will fly!