FreelanceFiddle: Sound of 2017

Honestly, I feel like the wealth of talent across Scotland's music scene is heavily underrepresented south of the border. This is fairly evident when not a single act from Scotland was included in the BBC's prestigious Sound of 2017 shortlist. Despite acts like The Van Ts, Be Charlotte and Catholic Action all proving that they along with many others at least deserve a mention. Anyway, Nationalist BBC Media City rant over. I've decided to do my own Sound of 2017 shortlist of folkies I'm tipping to have a very hectic 2017.


This fiery five piece have been creating quite a bit of noise on the folk scene since their debut at Celtic Connections two years ago but we're tipping them to take that to the next level this year. Having recently been nominated for the Up and Coming Artist of the Year at last months Trad Awards the band have built on that publicity and announced that a new EP is on the way for 2017. If you're after a Trad Disco going to see these boys is a must.

Live: 27th January Elephant Sessions and Dosca The Oran Mor 7.30pm




In 2016 Tannara brought us their phenomenal debut album Trig. This beauty of a debut album was longlisted for Album of the Year at the Trad Awards and in my view is quite possibly one of the best debuts to come out of the scene in the last few years. Imagine an eerie and moody mix of Lau and Rura with less Bagpipe and more of the much softer sound of the harp (that has to be a win). We can't wait to see what this band have in store for this year

Live: 18th January Edinburgh Folk Club



Iona Fyfe

I was lucky enough to spend a few days travelling the country with Iona and her ragtag group of accompanists earlier in the year prior the release of the bands debut EP East. The trip even featured a very brief appearance for me on Double Bass (relax, it was just a soundcheck). The year was certainly a great success for the band with appearances at many of the countries best folk festivals and even a trip to Italy. 2017 has already been a successful year for Iona reaching the final of the BBC Young Trad Award. We can't wait to see what else she has in store throughout the year. #MonDaNorthEast

Live: BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year Final Glasgow City Halls 5th February



Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente

Skye Records are really stepping up their bid to rule the Trad World with the capture of this duo to their roster. This dynamic duo joined forces at Celtic Connections in 2016 and no one has been able to stop them since. A busy year full of gigs and appearances at folk clubs throughout the country has culminated with the release of their debut EP Half of What You See and a place at the Radio 2 Young Folk Award Semi-Finals. 2017 is gonna be busy for these two, very busy.

Live: ...(Full Disclosure we couldn't find any gig listings but we're sure they'll be appearing at Celtic Connections somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled!)




Another band coming out of the Skye Records production line, Snuffbox are truly something else. I was lucky enough to see these guys support Ross & Ali at a very sweaty FolkLub in October and they were excellent. They create a sound and energy which is truly unique within our folk scene. Their debut Album Playing For Free is also very impressive and has been on repeat in the flat for some time! These boys are certainly something special and we look forward to hopefully seeing them play very soon.

Live: ... (So yeah you guessed it. Keep an eye out for all of these bands to appear at Celtic Connections from nowhere. I've seen it happen.)


Shoutout to the very busy Luc McNally who appears in this list THREE times!