Social media has become such a large part of how we live our everyday lives and is having an even bigger impact in the promotion and marketing of music. So, here it is, my top 5 profiles to follow across the social media platforms to keep up with all the goss and happenings within the world of folk music.

5. FreelanceFiddle

We couldn't do a post about social media and not include ourselves could we? Although, I thought it would be a bit cheeky to include us any higher than number 5. I'm a big fan of Instagram and it's the perfect place to catch up with all the news coming from FreelanceFiddle. Also, our live night is coming up (hint, hint) only nine more days to go!

Platforms available: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify

4. Runfolk

Runfolk is a great profile to follow for the fitness enthused folky. They currently have three running playlists on Spotify are filled to the brim with quality tunes to help you through when you've hit the wall. Plus, who doesn't love pics of cute dogs and the sometimes sunny but mostly grey Aberdream (I'm allowed to say that cause i'm from Aberdeen). Check out their latest playlist on Spotify now!

Platforms available: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify

3. Fiddlecam

I would assume that most of you are aware of the arty adventures of Louise Bichan and her Fiddle. However, her famous fiddlecam now has his its own Instagram account so you can follow the shenanigans direct from the fingerboard. Louise's personal account is also definitely worth a follow if you're a fan of arty pics and adventures across the pond.

Fiddlecam Platforms available: Instagram

Louise Bichan: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

2. HandsupforTrad

HandsupforTrad is the best place to keep yourself up to date with what is going on within Traditional Music in Scotland. Updates from Tinto Summer Schools, The Young Traditional Musician of the Year and the latest news from The Trad Awards are all included so you can hardly go wrong by giving them a wee follow.

Platforms available: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

1. Trad TV

Video and Film is becoming a highly influential promotional tool for musicians, and no one is embracing that fact more than the folks over at Inner Ear responsible for Trad Tv. Check out some of their video sessions that they have recorded. Including, special sessions from Findlay Napier, Dosca and Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter. Word on the web is that there is a session on the way soon from Rura!

Platforms available: Facebook, Twitter

Instatrad Alert. These bands are now on Instagram too @blazin_fiddles and @ruraband