Treacherous Orchestra - Grind

Well, it's been a while hasn't it!

With the mighty Treacherous Orchestra playing literally around the corner from me at Perth Concert Hall on Saturday evening i thought it was only right to do a wee bit on the supergroup and their latest album Grind.

Hailing from allover Scotland (and Ireland) the eleven strong band are the definiton of supergroup in a traditional music context. Members of this fantastic group also moonlight in other projects such as, Salsa Celtica, Ross and Jarlath, Charlie McKerron Trio, Ross Ainslie Band, Capercaillie, Old Blind Dogs, Manran, Mans Ruin, Session A9 and Peatbog Faeries. Members of the group have also produced and featured on recordings by Aly Bain, Michael McGoldrick and Breabach. Not bad company there aye?

Treacherous Orchestra comprise of -​​

Ali Hutton - Bagpipes & Whistle Ross
 Ainslie - 


 O'Neill - 

Whistle John 
Somerville - 


Adam Sutherland - Fiddle Éamonn Coyne - Banjo & Tenor Guitar 


 - Fiddle
Watson - 



 - Electric 
 ​​ Duncan 

 - Double 
Bass & 

 O'Neill - 


 - Drumkit

Grind has to be one of my favourite albums of the year so far, and I am clearly not the only one to be raving about it as it made it onto the long-list for the Scottish Album of the Year award along with Paulo Nutini's Caustic Love and Idlewild's Everything Ever Written. The whole album has a domineering presence that entranses you from the very first listen. What i really like about this album is that they have built upon what they already had done with Origins (2012). They have just turned everything up a notch. The bass is heavier, tunes are faster and enthralling and each instrument has its place. They have managed to get the balance ansolutely spot on by not shoving the melody down your throat with fiddle, accordion, flute, pipes, banjo and whistle all playing at the same time but by having the melodic instruments weaving within each other to create the flowing sound seamless from track to track. This really allows you to recognise what is happening in the background. I would recommend decent headphones at full blast to get the full experience of Martin's sick Bodhràn skills. The inclusion of synths in this album has been done perfectly and doesn't overpower the more "traditional" instruments on the album and makes it all come together rather nicely with the rock-like drumming and distorted guitars. This album would be my perfect definition of contemporary Trad/Celtic/Folk Rock (you know what i mean). Could Treacherous Orchestra play Download? Hell yeah they could!

This is the first track from the Album Grind -The Long Count

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