Jenna Reid: Live in Shetland 23/01/15

First post. No pressure.

Ever since the first announcement about this album i was instantly excited, and for good reason! I was so unlucky to be at the Mitchell Theatre two days after the launch! Just the luck of the draw eh?

This album has so many great tunes teamed with amazing instrumentation. Could you really ask for much more than that?

To be perfectly honest with you all it is really difficult to put just how good this album is into words. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were multiple nominations for this album at the trads later on this year including Album of the year and Instrumentalist of the year. It is that good! What i think has been very cleverly done in this album is that there is a great mix of contemporary sounding tunes as well as the bread and butter tunes of tradtional music that we all still very much enjoy. The balance is just right.

Another amazing aspect of this Album is that the level of instrumentation is simply outstanding. Jenna is accompanied by her sister Bethany Reid, Harris Playfair (both on piano) and Kevin Mackenzie (Guitar) who all add a great deal to the Album.

Buy this album! You most certainly will not regret it.


1.) Welcome

2.) Auld Beerie

3.) Da Flugga

4.) The Pentland Hills

5.) The Border Piper

6.) Avalanche

7.) Whisky Jigs

8.) Tome and Janette's 50th Birthday Fling

9.) Hector The Hero

10.) Light & Airy

11.) Nellie's Favourite

12.) Laxo Burn

13.) Lorna

14.) Johnny in the Neither Mains

15.) The Dean Brig O Edinburgh

16.) Princess Beatrice

17.) Leaving Lerwick

18.) The Hurricane

This is a video of my favourite track from the Album, Laxo Burn. It features a great tune in the middle called Trip to Miriams Reel. It's a right toe tapper!!